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Tempe Micro Estates

Thirteen 600 sq ft micro-dwellings are under construction on this 3/4 acre lot in Tempe. In partnership with coLAB Studio and Newtown CDC, these single-family residences are targeted to future owners who make less than $100k a year. The community will feature an edible garden, rain water harvesting system as well as energy conservation efforts to reduce homeownership costs.

With at least five units already sold, time is of the essence to make one of these micro-dwellings your new home. Visit Newtown CDC for more info and to see if you qualify for ownership.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 2022. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see progress photos as we continue work on this incredible commercial build project.

Tempe, AZ 

600 (per unit/13 units)

coLAB Studio, 180 Degrees


180 Degrees Design + Build





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