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Tempe Micro Estates

Tempe Micro Estates is comprised of thirteen 600 sq ft micro dwellings and a 900 sq ft Communal Studio. The Communal Studio has a full kitchen and laundry facilities making it a central location for owners to gather. The project owner, Newtown CDC’s mission to make housing affordable and helping people afford houses. These single-family residences located on a ¾ acre site in Tempe, near the ASU campus are targeted to first time owners who are entering the housing market. 

While these houses are small in footprint, they feel large on the interior with the incorporation of a loft space, tall ceilings in the living area and carefully placed windows to bring in natural light. In addition to a focus towards affordability, special care was taken during design and construction to ensure that these houses received Energy Star, Indoor Air Plus and Water Sense certifications. Furthering the sustainability front, solar panels on were incorporated on the roofs and as the parking canopies. A cistern collects rainwater to be used to water the community garden located in the communal area between the units. 


Budget driven creativity led to the use of prefinished concrete formwork panels that were incorporated as the loft wall/guardrail. These were built at our fabrication facility and installed by our in-house team of craftsmen at The Guild.  

Tempe, AZ

600 SF / 13 units


coLAB Studio

180 Degrees Design + Build


Roehner + Ryan









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