The true value of 180 Degrees is seen through our self-performing work in concrete and metal fabrication. Our home and workspace in the Melrose district of Phoenix also has its own wood and steel fabrication shop and team that we call The Guild.

We are The Guild

We’re a collective of artists, craftsmen, makers, and fabricators dedicated to creating beautiful and unique home goods in wood, steel, glass and concrete.



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“We’re proud to have been asked to work on Taliesin West under Stuart Graff’s new leadership as President and CEO and with Fred Prozzillo’s insight as Vice President of Preservation and graduate of the architecture program at Taliesin,” says James Trahan AIA.


“We’re flattered to have earned the trust of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in performing design, permitting, construction, fabrication, and installation.”

– Excerpt from Making Architecture

The Guild members celebrating the successful installation of the custom entry portal for our Brandaw at Echo Canyon project. Learn more


In addition to the values of the communication of design-build, 180 Degrees provides time-saving opportunities as a registered Self-Certified Professional architect through the Cities of Phoenix and Surprise. This service can decrease the typical city plan review process saving both time and money.

We've worked with the various municipalities in the state of Arizona and our relationships provide us with the ability to streamline the permitting process. Having worked on a wide range of project types, we've been successful in navigating through design review boards, variance hearings, historic preservation, hillside reviews, commercial and residential construction, public art projects, over-the-counter permits, permits by inspection and annual facilities program permits. 

Visit to view our collection of custom benches and more.


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