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WE ARE 180°

As a design-build firm, 180 Degrees is able to offer a variety of services for our clients. Below you can find a full list of our services and details as we define them.
Pre-construction services
Design services
Architectural Services



180 Degrees has extensive experience in meeting budgets while maintaining design intent. As architects, we are constantly seeking alternative means and methods to reduce costs while maintaining the highest architectural quality. 

The true value of 180 degrees as a design-build company is seen early in the process as we bring the full support and knowledge base of the architectural, engineering and construction industry to the front end of design.


Early on, through an openly collaborative process we can quickly identify alternative design opportunities or identify the need for project cost and scope reductions to maintain alignment with the project budget. 



As contractors, our experience provides insight into the realities of the built environment and allows for a more value-based design process. Additionally, the typical communication gap between designer and builder is eliminated and as such, the owners programmatic and aesthetic intent is maintained. 



Unlike much of the construction industry, 180 degrees is made up of over 70% architecturally trained staff for both the construction and design entities.  As such we are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between the design intent of the architect, the project financial goals of the client and the constraints of the traditional single source construction firm.  


Craftsmanship is one our guiding principles and is achieved through our very selective subcontractor base.  We have developed strong relationships over the years with our subcontractors resulting in awards, the highest level of client satisfaction and great pride in the work we do.


In most trades we have multiple subcontractors that we work with. While we have established relationships with these craftsman, we also perform our due diligence in seeking the best possible pricing for their work. We do this by inviting multiple trades to bid on the project ensuring we continue to get the best value for our clients. 


We only use licensed subcontractors who carry necessary insurance and when contracting with our subcontractors, we use only our AIA contracts, which provides an added level of protection for our clients. In 2008 + 2016 we were honored to receive the Arizona AIA Contractor of the Year Award.


Since 2001, we’ve engaged with a wide variety of clients and technical challenges, resulting in award-winning work that defies the categorical constraints of a single aesthetic. Our practice is driven by sensitivity to client needs, high performance demands, an intense desert climate, and the urge to create beautiful solutions for challenging problems.  


We were recently recognized by Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine as Masters of the Southwest, our experience as master builders lends tremendous insight into how architecture actually works, bridging the gaps that occur between a client’s vision, a realistic budget, and the skillful execution of significant, purpose-driven architectural works.


As architects, we are constantly seeking alternative means and methods to reduce costs while maintaining the highest architectural quality and programmatic function. 

The true value of 180 Degrees is seen through our self-performing work in concrete and metal fabrication. Our home and workspace in the Melrose district of Phoenix has its own wood and steel fabrication shop and team that we call The Guild.

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