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We specialize in commercial, public, and high-end residential architecture for people who want to spend their days in memorable spaces. 

Our Vision

At 180 Degrees, we desire to provide the highest level of quality design and construction for our clients. Whether we serve our clients with architectural or construction services or as a design-build team, our experience gives us the ability to provide insight and guidance throughout the process that single-discipline firms cannot. 

Our Mission


To seamlessly transform the architectural vision and philosophy of the project intent into meaningful spatial dimension.


Offer integration of art, architecture and experience through the journey by which decisions are made and lines are drawn.


Demand excellence from our craftsmen who execute the role of creating the sum of parts that make the whole.


Field choices based on natural conditions that relate to site, energy, and integration into the context in which the project is being constructed.


Foster a company orchestrated by architects for the lasting experience of our clients.


Achieve this mission through the practice of our company values—the Four Pillars; Restraint, Rigor, Patience and Craftsmanship.

Our experience as master builders gives us tremendous insight into how architecture actually works, helping bridge the gaps that often occur between a client’s vision, a realistic budget, and the skillful execution of significant and sincere architectural works.

Adhering to a code of both ethics and creativity helps us build a culture that attracts similar-minded collaborators, from clients to subcontractors. At 180 Degrees Design + Build we’ve embodied our brand values as Four Pillars. 

The Four Pillars


Exercising restraint means listening before speaking, and reserving time for critical discussion throughout the production process. More is not necessarily always better. We instinctively know when it’s time to put down the pen, so ideas and execution don’t become overcooked.

We thrive on projects that challenge our capabilities and venture out into the frontier of technical innovation. We specialize in creating solutions that never existed before. Failure can and will happen. Our rigorous prototyping process lets us test—and test again until innovations are ready to implement.


Quality takes time. So do good ideas. Sometimes the best ideas are just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up to them. We seek to build an enduring architecture, and since time is relatively abundant, we’ll never sacrifice safety or quality over the schedule.


At the heart of our company is craftsmanship; we’re all makers

here. We all have an urge to create and build things well. It comes with a keen eye for quality. If we need to discuss whether or not a product or execution meets our standards, the fact that we are talking about it tells us it isn’t quite there yet.

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