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Scottsdale | Ravenscroft

Ravenscroft began as an old office warehouse that was converted into a technologically challenging multi-purpose facility. This 30,000-square-foot adaptive reuse project features a state-of-the art concert hall, recording studio, lounge, musical instruments showroom, conference rooms, and offices. 

One of the main design features in the new Ravenscroft Hall was the articulated “blades” that flank the seating. The intent of the blades is at once aesthetic and functional as they contain both absorptive and reflective design components. The articulating nature of the blades, similar to that of an armadillo, fold and nest within each subsequent blade. Functional components for theatrical lighting are nested and concealed within the blades to minimize equipment distractions. 

The design of the Blades possessed an added complexity as they folded into the ceiling plane toward the back of the hall. Also adding complexity to the construction was that the outer masonry shell had a wall surface that was articulated with a “push / pull” concept so the entire wall was non-coplanar. Since the outer shell of the hall was the substrate in which the blade structure was mounted, the frame mounting points were always in a different plane. We created both digital and real mock-ups of the frames, fabric wrap, and edge trim details. 

Scottsdale, Arizona

30,000​ SF

Architekton Studio & Barduson Architects

180 Degrees Design + Build


An Pham










Video: Project footage of Ravenscroft from Today's Builder TV Show

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