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Northern Arizona | Grand Canyon Hounds and Stables

Imagine drawing upon 706 gallons of water a day to sustain 92 lives and the surrounding landscape. That’s roughly the volume of a 4X4X6’ cube or the cabin of a Volkswagen Beetle. It might seem like a lot, but it’s substantially less than the average American would consume. The lives in question are the horses, hounds, and humans that live at Grand Canyon Hounds and Stables in Northern Arizona.

While the typical American consumes 80 to 100 gallons a day, this water-wise facility thrives on a lean 7.7 gallons a day, per capita. By incorporating passive
stormwater harvesting into the architecture and installing collection mechanisms for wastewater, 180 Degrees Design + Build helped this forward-thinking facility reduce its draw on the local well and effectively defend itself against the constant threat of wildfire. Smart ventilation and climate control
systems aid in the site’s efficiency and our classic attention to detail and construction lends a rustic yet modern sophistication to buildings that are both functional and attractive.

Flagstaff, AZ 

180 Degrees Design + Build

180 Degrees Design + Build


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