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Anderson Casita

If there’s anything more daunting than designing a home for yourself it just might be designing a home for your mother. Yet it’s an age-old practice that many architects have tackled, from international starchitects Robert Venturi and le Corbusier to local heroes Al Beadle and Ralph Haver. 180 Degrees Design + Build Principal Architect John Anderson AIA had the opportunity to give the classic exercise a try. His mother was living alone in her longtime family home, a 3000 sq ft property in Laveen when her family decided it was time to rethink the way all of them lived. All parties wanted her to keep caring for her new grandson Hayden, but the 45-minute commute was a drain on their enjoyment of limited time that could be better spent together. They knew they could do better.

Phoenix, AZ




180 Degrees Design + Build


180 Degrees Design + Build


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