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Abbott's Ranch

180 Degrees was asked to renovate and add a detached guest house and garage to the house. We gladly accepted. For the main home, we changed the house’s entry by simplifying lines and modernizing the canopy. The windows were framed with steel buckets, which gives the house depth and the feel that the brick wall is thicker than it actually is. This saved material while accomplishing the look we wanted the house to have.


We decided to keep the roof structure but update it to the new modern era. We took off the air conditioning unit perturbing out of the roof and set it up somewhere the eye cannot see. The two new bedrooms have built-in millwork instead of closets and all the appliances are concealed inside cabinets to look as minimalist as possible.


The most compelling design feature is the concave folding shape of the guest house and garage. It's 1,100 sq ft of an open living space, garage, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, bedroom and sleeping loft. With the addition of this new building, the backyard becomes a cozy courtyard. 

Tempe, AZ


1,800 SF


180 Degrees Design + Build


180 Degrees Design + Build


Matt Winquist










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