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Van Meter

One of the more unusual requests the 180 Degrees team has gotten was to transform a 1962 Volkswagen Bus into a camper with solar batteries. It also had to accommodate the owner’s cats. New built-in furniture was made to accommodate a fridge, stove, espresso machine, and grinder. Due to the curvature of the VW Bus, all furniture needed to be hand-made to fit perfectly. All appliances can be tucked away while on the road. A dining table and seating fold out of the cabinets. The foldaway floor slides out to make a sleeping platform that pops out into the empty space next to the bus. The clients can sleep under the stars or put up a tent shelter to protect from the elements. The clients hired a cat psychologist to help advise on feline needs when on the road. Sleeping nooks, litter boxes, and places to scratch were installed. The client makes their own scratchers which can snap into the millwork and changed when they are used up. All appliances except for the gas stove run off of batteries that can be recharged from the solar panels attached to the roof. 




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