Trahan Residence

When James Trahan AIA found this home, it was the “gazillioin dollar view” that caught his eye. This half-acre lot needed remodeling. The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The main improvement was implementing glass walls to create a more open feeling space while keeping the same volume. Glass walls opened up the view to the city and surrounding mountains. The original grey brick walls were kept and sandblasted in order to expose its natural colors. The roof was raised to be able to create a butterfly roof, not usually found in Arizona. It is anchored by the existing masonry fireplace. In order to keep the doorways level with the floor and butterfly roof, James cut through the angled ceiling. This let the doors slide properly and the head track level. The interior layout was largely kept the same. All the drawings for the renovation were done by hand by James which is his preferred way. Many of the materials were reclaimed in order to reduce waste. The old tabletop was turned into an art piece and hung up on the living room wall. An East facing deck was installed to increase space to entertain guests. It was positioned for it to get a head start on cooling down during the hot summer days.




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