Provision’s and Chop Shop

These commercial buildings are designed to be comfortable, to give the customer an experience, and sustainability for the environment. To make something comfortable in Arizona, it usually means protection from the sun. The 180 Degree team came up with the idea of creating patios with enough protection from the sun that people can comfortably be outside for most of the year. Instead of putting the whole restaurant inside, we found a way to conserve material. We cut down on walls while increasing the number of seated guests. The materials used are simple but used in a way to make the most out of all of them. 180 Degrees focused more on the spaces in-between each material. 6X9 glass pivot doors face North to maximize Arizona’s consistent weather. A corner window was installed the back of the store. It shows the passing by potential customers that Provision’s coffee is roasted on site. We utilized the natural beauty of material as well. We sandblasted and sealed concrete masonry in order to get different aggregate.




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Phoenix, Arizona



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