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Commercial Tenant Improvement Contractor in Phoenix & Scottsdale

As a commercial tenant improvement contractor, we have extensive experience improving commercial space in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. Our team has the unique advantages of offering a design, build, and fabrication team in-house for all of your commercial construction tenant improvement contractor needs. 

180 degrees has designed and built tenant improvements for a number of clients with varying needs. These have ranged from auto repair facilities, restaurant spaces and café’s, banking facilities, large adaptive use spaces, spiritual centers, and office space for corporate clients as well as small businesses.

For over 20 years, 180 has been a leader in the design build space in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Many of our commercial tenant improvement construction projects require us to understand specialized and technical aspects specific to the project type and the associated code requirements that accompany them. Our experience allows us to find unique solutions for code requirements when there are multiple types of occupancy in the same building.

As a design build firm we have the unique advantage of having access to a number of subcontractors that can not only assist in preliminary pricing but they often take part in tenant improvement constructability and design meetings to lend their expertise.

180 degrees also excels in tenant improvement commercial construction by peeling back the unneeded layers of utilities, supplemental structures and other items that add clutter and noise to a space. We look to create simple and clean backgrounds for the project by finding the inherent beauty that is often concealed. We can reduce the costs of covering existing elements by often leaving them exposed.

We take pride in our expertise of meeting budgets while maintaining design intent. As architects, we are constantly seeking alternative means and methods to reduce costs while maintaining the highest architectural quality.

The true value of 180 degrees as a design build company is seen early in the process as we bring the full support and knowledge base of the architectural, engineering and commercial construction industry to the front end of design.


Early on, through an openly collaborative process we can quickly identify alternative design opportunities or identify the need for project cost and scope reductions to maintain alignment with the project budget.

Submittals are an important part of the tenant improvement construction process. They are the final opportunity to ensure that the products that are being provided meet the architect’s design intent and the owner’s expectations.

We have established a formal tracking method that allow us to keep the project component data organized and trackable to allow the team to chart where we are in the in the commercial tenant improvement review and approval process.

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