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Commercial Office Remodeling, Contractor, Construction in Phoenix | Scottsdale

We are an award-winning design-build firm and trusted provider of commercial office remodel services in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Undergoing an office remodel has many benefits such as improving the value of the building, attracting top talent, raising the level of employee productivity, increasing useful space, enhancing company culture, reducing operating costs, etc. In fact, 17% of Phoenix office buildings have been remodeled in the past 20 years.


If you’ve gone through the construction process in the past, you’ll understand that not all office remodeling providers are equal. We take great pride in delivering both the design and build services, offering your company a single point of contact throughout the entire process. There are some key advantages when working with a design-build vs. a separate architect and contractor. 


We have extensive office remodeling experience in meeting budgets while maintaining design intent. As architects, we are constantly seeking alternative means and methods to reduce costs while maintaining the highest architectural quality.


The true value of 180 Degrees as a design-build company is seen early in the process as we bring the full support and knowledge base of the architectural, engineering and construction industry to the front end of design. 


Early on, through an openly collaborative process we can quickly identify alternative design opportunities or identify the need for project cost and scope reductions to maintain alignment with the project budget. 


Ultimately, our four pillars of rigor, restraint, patience, and craftsmanship are the guiding principles on all projects we pursue. Adhering to these ethics as a master builder has led to being selected twice as the AIA Contractor of the Year. 

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