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Build | Mission


In 2001, 180 Degrees came to fruition out of the desire to provide the highest level of quality design and construction for our clients. We are a design+build company that is comprised of both licensed architects and architecturally trained individuals and we hold both residential and commercial construction licenses.

Whether we serve our clients with architectural services, construction services or as a design+build team, our experience gives us the ability to provide insight and guidance throughout the process that single discipline firms cannot.

In 2016 + 2008, we were honored to receive the AIA Arizona Contractor of the Year Award. Additionally, in 2022, we were selected as the AIA Arizao


  • To seamlessly transform the architectural vision and philosophy of the project intent into meaningful spatial dimension.

  • Accomplished simply by restraint, rigor, craftsmanship and patience.

  • Offering integration of art, architecture and experience and the journey by which decisions are made and lines are drawn.

  • Demanding excellence from the craftsman that executes the role of creating the sum of parts that make the whole.

  • Field choices based on natural conditions that relate to site, energy, and integration into the context in which the project is being constructed.

  • A company orchestrated by architects for the lasting experience of our clients.

Build | Role as a Builder

Our experience as both practicing architects and general contractors give 180 Degrees a unique insight into developing architecture that meets the needs of our clients and their budgets. As architects, our understanding of the architectural design philosophy gives us the ability to execute details based on natural conditions that relate to site, energy and integration into the context in which the project is being constructed.

As contractors, our experience provides insight into the realities of the built environment and allows for a more value-based design process. Additionally, the typical communication gap between designer and builder is eliminated and as such, the owners programmatic and aesthetic intent is maintained.

In addition to the communications values of Design + Build, 180 Degrees provides the opportunity for time savings with a registered Self-Certified Professional architect. This service can decrease the typical city plan review process saving both time and money.

We have worked with the various municipalities in the state of Arizona and our relationships with these entities provides us with the ability to streamline the permitting process. Having worked on a wide range of project types, we are successful in navigating through design review boards, variance hearings, historic preservation, hillside reviews, commercial and residential construction, public art projects, over the counter permits, permits by inspection and annual facilities program permits.


Build | Our Process

For over 20 years, we have worked diligently to hone our processes in the efforts to offer the best possible experience to our clients. We have found that the journey is as important as the destination.

There are many working parts to the process of constructing a project and we take a formal approach to each of them. We treat each project with the same importance and have established a set criteria to minimize coordination issues and properly manage expectations.

Our typical process involves:

  • Contract negotiations

  • Pre-construction estimating and scheduling

  • Request for information

  • Constructability review

  • Project scheduling

  • Value engineering to look for possible budget reductions

  • Draw schedules

  • Shop drawings/submittals

  • Weekly construction meetings

  • Open book accounting

  • Insurance certificates

  • Lien waiver coordination

  • Project closeout

Build | Pre-Construction + Value Engineering Services

180 Degrees has extensive experience in meeting budgets while maintaining design intent. As architects, we are constantly seeking alternative means and methods to reduce costs while maintaining the highest architectural quality.

The true value of 180 Degrees as a design-build company is seen early in the process as we bring the full support and knowledge base of the architectural, engineering and construction industry to the front end of design.

Early on, through an openly collaborative process we can quickly identify alternative design opportunities or identify the need for project cost and scope reductions to maintain alignment with the project budget.

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