Hello! We've created some guidelines to help you understand the changes to our brand style, including our logo, typography, brand colors, and much more.


If you have questions or issues not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We Are 180°

The work of 180 Degrees Design + Build is built on the principles of rigor, restraint, patience and craftsmanship. We call these principles the Four Pillars.


We thrive on projects that challenge our capabilities and venture out into the frontier of technical innovation. We specialize in creating solutions that never existed before. Failure can and will happen. Our rigorous prototyping process lets us test—and test again until innovations are ready to implement.


Exercising restraint means listening before speaking, and reserving time for critical discussion throughout the production process. More is not necessarily always better. We instinctively know when it’s time to put down the pen, so ideas and execution don’t become overcooked.


Quality takes time. So do good ideas. Sometimes the best ideas are just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up to them. We seek to build an enduring architecture, and since time is relatively abundant, we’ll never sacrifice safety or quality over the schedule.


At the heart of our company is craftsmanship; we’re all makers here. We all have an urge to create and build things well. It comes with a keen eye for quality. If we need to discuss whether or not a product or execution meets our standards, the fact that we are talking about it tells us it isn’t quite there yet.


The logo for the 180 Degrees Design + Build consists of three parts: the word mark, horizon line and the identifier. It has been updated to ensure the logo maintains readability at various sizes and applications. For additional use, download in the link below or contact us for any requests.

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